Saturday, March 23, 2013

What's on my plate?

Creativity with food - I got this idea from Red Hong Yi, a Malaysian artist, who is doing "31 Days of Creativity in March." I'm such a big fan of hers. I decided to follow through and make my own creative spin on this project. However, I'm not doing it on a daily basis, only when something catches my fancy and stirs my imagination. Here are some of the works I've done so far...

March 7 - "sKETCHUP" a self-portrait using left-over catsup from a midnight snack.
 March 9 - A woman's face carved from an apple-mango.
 March 12 - My own version of Mona Lisa using soy sauce.
 March 15 - "Jane" made of coffee granules.
March 16 - Our dog "Spikey" made of brown sugar, coffee and Ovaltine.
March 17 - Owl made of red onions and barbecue sauce. This moved me to tears...haha!
March 17 - "Obama on Banana" a banana tattoo.
 March 19 - "Edward Cullen" made of chocolate sticks.
 March 20 - "Up" made of Nips chocolate candies, chocolate sticks and marshmallows.
March 21 - My dried watermelon seed version of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
March 22 - "Fly away with me" made of marshmallows and sauce. This is my fave work so far.


  1. Originally posted in FB: Finally! My friend created a blog for her art stuff. I had always been her fan since high school and how I wish I have more money so I could sponsor her exhibit. For the meantime (and while waiting for my money *wish, wish*), let's support her work through her blog.

  2. Fabulous stuff! You are very creative with your foodstuffs!