Sunday, April 14, 2013

Part 3: What's on my plate?

I've finally finished the 31 Days of Creativity with Food series. It wasn't really smooth sailing for me. I don't get to think of a bright idea daily. There were days when my brain went blank and there were times when my idea turned into disaster. There's so much creative things you can do with food. This made me look at food differently. A big thanks to Red Hong Yi for inspiring me to join #creativemarch. I'm looking forward to doing more creative challenges. I've actually started a new one - The Toast + Art Project - faces on toast. Here's the last batch of food art pieces I did. 
"Mickey and Minnie" toast art.
 "Girls love shoes" made of jicama and beets.
 "Dominoes" made of jicama, eggplant peels and black peppercorns.
 "Flowerland" made of banana blossom and leaf, jicama and eggplant.
 "Dreaming of Spaghetti" made of spaghetti pasta, carrots and capsicum.
"Jeepney Meal" made of dried anchovies, garlic fried rice, tomatoes and egg.
 "Japanese Dolls" made of eggplant, squash, carrot, capsicum and ketchup.
 "The Never Full Pig" made of pan de coco (coconut bread), sausage and raisins.

 "Flower Baby" inspired by Anne Geddes. I just love her pictures of infants in whimsical settings. Baby made of chico. Flower made of carrot. Stalk and leaves made of celery.
  "Orange Oliver" inspired by a children's story about an orange kitten who cannot see very well and needs glasses. Made of carrots, ginger, cucumber and red onion.

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